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Welcome to Activitlylife! This blog is a brainchild of myself - Ashish, a Mechanical Engineer by profession residing in Maharashtra.

Here, we blog about our real life experiences - some good and some bad. But each experience which has taught us something will be shared here. We would like to share our experiences so that people reading it can gain value out of it. Sometimes, reading someone else's story makes you reflect on your own life and this exactly is our vision! We would love to help people with some day to day life tips and stories. This blog includes all the trending topics ranging from the present coronavirus situation to the educational system in India. It will include some quick tips and knowledge related to Health and Fitness. If you are into beauty and skin care, you can find a lot of information on our blog about it. Topics which are deeply related to Information Technology and Cyber Security will  be covered on the blog. We will also be discussing our travel experiences and food related topics. Some fun facts and figures will also be shared to add to our knowledge base.

Are u looking for a medium to express yourself too? Join our blogging world and share your real life experiences with us – be it funny, happy, learning or motivational.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our blog and join us in creating an ActivilyLife for people around the world!


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